Chaparral 1900 SLC

Dynamics and speed

Chaparral 1900 SLC in the OPEN version is one of the fastest motor yachts in Masuria. The American structure can accommodate up to eight people.




The yacht is equipped with a new 150 KM HONDA V-TEC engine . Particularly noteworthy is the extremely low consumption – even 11 liters per hour . The steersman’s console is located in the central part of the yacht on the right side. There is a steering wheel, lever and engine trim lever. In addition, at the steersman’s disposal we offer speed and trim indicators as well as a sound signal. The yacht is also equipped with lighting located on the tower. The Chaparral 1900 SLC is adapted to most water sports. The towing bar holder is located 170 cm above the water level, which allows for more effective wakeboard acrobatics and easier start on water skis. An additional advantage is the specially shaped aft part, which makes it easier to put on skis. It is also possible to mount a wheel to the skid. We provide water skis, wakeboards and a slide wheel for free – for free! There are additional lockers for the crew’s belongings at the bow and stern. The Chaparral 1900 SLC motorboat is additionally equipped with an audio system with USB input and waterproof speakers . The motorboat also has an individual cover to put on for the night, attached for longer charter; Thanks to this, the motorboat will always be dry and ready for sailing. The yacht is equipped with the highest quality life-saving appliances: a lifebuoy, onboard vests in the amount corresponding to the number of crew members and a fire extinguisher. A set of accessories for safe mooring is available on board. Solid accessories such as cleats, anchor, long lines and durable fenders. Both the yacht and the engine are covered by insurance. The Chaparral 1900 SLC motorboat will be perfect for sports and recreational cruises as well as for regattas. From the deck of our boat you can admire the beauty of the Great Masurian Lakes Trail from a previously unknown side. You can admire sunsets more beautiful than ever and explore areas so far inaccessible to humans.
  • Prices do not include fuel charge.
  • For charters longer than one day, prices are negotiable.
  • You must have a steersman’s license to drive the boat yourself.
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