Escapade 600 Exclusive

modern and comfortable

Escapade 600 Exclusive is a modern, comfortable cabin pilothouse yacht, designed for the waters of the Great Masurian Lakes region. It is perfect for both fast sports trips and leisurely cruises
"wynajem motorówek Mazury", "łodzie na Mazurach", "aktywny wypoczynek na Mazurach"


The Escapade 600 Exclusive yacht combines an attractive line with high comfort of use; under the deck there is a sleeping area, allowing accommodation for two people and sea toilet . The whole is a perfect balance between an elegant, modern style and functional and solid buildings. The residential cabin is illuminated by an LED light. In addition, the cabin has windows (so-called hatches) ensuring perfect ventilation and good access to natural light. The heat is provided by efficient Eberspacher heating . In the cockpit there is a helmsman’s position equipped with echosounder with GPS and a map of the reservoirs of the Great Masurian Lakes trail. The steersman also has at his disposal indicators: speed and fuel level, steering wheel and a comfortable seat. Behind the helmsman’s console there is a comfortable couch that allows the rest of the crew to relax. In the cockpit of the Escapade 600 yacht, there is also a kitchenette equipped with a gas cooker with a burner, a washbasin with an electric pump and a spacious electric refrigerator . It is possible to tightly cover the cockpit with a waterproof Bimini. The rear bench can be folded out into a double berth. There are also Eberspacher heating outlets in the cockpit. On the roof of the Escapade 600 is a Sundeck equipped with comfortable lounging mattresses and sturdy handles. On the bow there is an intuitive panel for operating the electric windlass from the bow anchor. The Escapade 600 yacht is equipped with a charger, cable and adapter for a camping plug, which allows you to charge the battery yourself in the ports. There is a TV in the bow cabin, under the deck there is an additional Fusion audio system with speakers in the cockpit and sockets for 12V and 220V , (220V sockets work when the yacht is connected to charging ). A set of accessories for safe mooring is available on board. Solid accessories such as cleats and half-locks, two anchors, a hook for convenient catching buoys, long lines and durable fenders. Both the yacht and the engine are covered by insurance. The yacht is equipped with the highest quality life-saving appliances: a lifebuoy, onboard vests in the amount corresponding to the number of crew members and a fire extinguisher. Escapade 600 is the perfect choice for people who appreciate the combination of exclusive relaxation and motor boating madness. It is perfect for both one-day sports trips and weekly cruises in highly comfortable conditions.
  • Prices do not include fuel charge.
  • For charters longer than one day, prices are negotiable.
  • You must have a steersman’s license to drive the boat yourself.
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