Maxum 1800 SR3​

Dynamics and speed

Maxum 1800 SR3 is an extremely dynamic, open-deck motor yacht adapted to high speeds. The yacht can provide entertainment for up to eight people. The Maxum is equipped with a Mercruiser 3.0L gasoline engine
"wynajem motorówek Mazury", "łodzie na Mazurach", "aktywny wypoczynek na Mazurach"



The speed achieved by a motorboat is perfect for practicing water sports. The dragline is attached to the towline between the stern cleats. In addition, at the rear, the motorboat is equipped with a special, elongated gangway; it makes it easier to put on water skis. We provide water skis, wakeboards and a slide wheel for free – for free! The steersman’s desk is located in the central part of the boat, on the right side. There is a steering wheel, lever and engine trim lever. In addition, the helmsman has at his disposal an echo sounder, RPM indicator, speed indicator, trim indicator and fuel level indicator. In the rear part of the Maxum motorboat cockpit there is a relaxation area for the crew with a spacious, comfortable couch. In the bow part there is a glove box that can accommodate large luggage. Additional equipment is a radio with waterproof speakers. The yacht has a waterproof Bimini on the frame, able to shield the cockpit from the sun. The yacht is equipped with the highest quality life-saving appliances: a lifebuoy, vests in the amount corresponding to the number of crew members and a fire extinguisher. A set of accessories for safe mooring is available on board. Solid accessories such as cleats and half-locks, anchor, long lines and durable fenders. Both the yacht and the engine are covered by insurance. Maxum 1800 SR3 is perfect for one-day sports trips, regatta service or a multi-day recreational charter. Due to the very good nautical properties and solid sports equipment, it will be perfect for both groups of friends and families with children. From the deck of our boat you can admire the beauty of the Great Masurian Lakes Trail from a hitherto unknown side.
  • Prices do not include fuel charge.
  • For charters longer than one day, prices are negotiable.
  • You must have a steersman’s license to drive the boat yourself.
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